Improvements are needed

May 2, 2011 at 12:40 AM

Based upon my experience using watching the video and using the sample code I had suggestions to improve the experience.

  1. Remove the extraneous configuration data from the Web.Config in the sample. For example the ApplicationServices the connection string and the ApplicationServices providers are not needed to run the sample and distract from its purpose.
  2. Prerequisites to Run the Solution section on the web page and in the ReadMe document should mention the production release of Windows Azure AppFabric SDK V1.0. Ideally a link to the download for this SDK should also be provided.
  3. It was difficult to read the code examples in the video even when viewed as WMV.  If possible that should be made sharper.
  4. It would be helpful if the the read me document included the instructions on how to add a reference to the Microsoft.Web.DistributedCache Dll. When I was trying to use the example code, I had to replay that section of the video several times.

I also deployed the example code to an actual Web role in the Azure cloud.  I discoved that I had to include references to the Microsoft.WindowsFabric.Common and Microsoft.WindowsFabric.Data.Common Dlls in the web project. I also have to set the Local Copy property to True so that they would be deployed to the Azure Web Role. I believe this also deserves a mention in the ReadMe document.